Airbus H135: World-class, Mission-proven and the Best Choice for Canada’s Future Aircrew Training Program (FAcT)

Airbus’ H135 is best suited to deliver world-class rotary wing training for the next generation of Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilots. A full spectrum trainer, the H135 facilitates the development of core skills while providing twin-engines and advanced avionics similar to operational aircraft, allowing easy and safe pilot transition onto more complex helicopters in the RCAF’s fleet.  

Airbus H135 is the Global Reference for Military Pilot Training

With more than 400,000 flight hours in a dedicated military pilot training role, the H135 is the trainer of choice for Air Forces world-wide, including several of Canada’s primary military allies such as Australia and the UK.

Airbus H135 - The World's Helicopter of Choice for Military Rotary Wing Training

The H135’s Twin Engines and Modern Cockpit Make It the Ideal Platform for Training Future Generations of RCAF Pilots.

The H135 aircraft is a full-spectrum trainer which can deliver the best training for all phases of the FAcT rotary wing program on a single platform. Offering selectable levels of automation, it is perfectly suited to teach the basics of RW flying to the most advanced IFR, navigation, Night Vision Goggles (NVG) or tactical missions. Additionally, its twin-engines, systems redundancies, crashworthy features, and Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor design make the H135 an extremely safe training platform.

Airbus’ H135 has been certified for single or dual-pilot IFR for more than 20 years and is best suited to provide a low-risk, best-value training solution over the 20 year+ lifespan of the FAcT program. With twin engines, advanced yet intuitive avionics, and 4-axis autopilot, the H135 offers significant growth potential and the ability to futureproof the FAcT program.  

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Proudly Canadian since 1984, Airbus has a Proven Track Record of Delivering Economic Benefits to Canada

With a team of some 4,000 employees across Canada, Airbus is proud to be a key player in the Canadian aerospace community. From its first helicopter manufacturing facility in 1984 to the production of A220 Family single-aisle aircraft today, Airbus has significantly increased its presence in Canada. With locations in multiple Canadian cities, Airbus has robust industrial activity in the country, covering the commercial aircraft, rotorcraft, defence and space sectors.

*Projects with Canadian expertise clusters related to artificial intelligence, autonomous flight, materials, electrification, and multi-disciplinary research projects with NRC, with applications to aerospace.

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Nearly 250 people support our Canadian helicopter customers directly. We are proud of the nearly 40 years we have spent supporting Canadian aerospace and stand ready to continue providing helicopters to carry out critical missions as one of Canada’s leading helicopter suppliers.

Airbus Helicopters’ activities in Canada are focused in five primary areas:

Aircraft Sales & Deliveries
Composite Manufacturing
Repair & Overhaul
Optional Equipment Development
Support & Services

Airbus Helicopters Canada is a centre of excellence for engineering and composite manufacturing, and is the sole-source supplier of composite parts for eight different helicopter models in the Airbus range.